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Why choose ERVOeco technology

Two dozen Czech scientists have been developing the technology for over 8 years. It is a technology that "extracts" products from waste and generates raw materials that can be further used. The technology has a future not only because of what it processes, but also because it is environmentally friendly, emission-free and very economically efficient. It solves the most serious global problem the humanity has, with the accumulated waste and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • It changes the world for the better and gets completely rid of its garbage. It relieves the planet of the greatest problem of humanity - the accumulation of garbage.
  • The technology of the new millennium, which corresponds to the concept of the circular economy – extracts valuable raw material from waste and returns it for further use in industry.

1. Quality guarantee of output products

The unique technology guarantees the homogeneity of the products at the output according to the customers demand.

2. Easy to operate and maintain

Thanks to the quick installation and easy operation, the technology can be installed all over the world, even in those countries that are most responsible for pollution today.

3. No harmful emissions or exhalations

The whole process of thermal transformation takes place in a hermetically sealed environment. The outer part of the reactor is heated by burners with certified fuel, which do not produce any harmful emissions or exhalation into the environment.

4. Small and automatic

Spatially small technology with automatic mode of operation. It occupies only 12x7x8 plus it is necessary to take into account the handling zone around the unit - 2.5 m.

5. Technology of the new millennium

ERVOeco corresponds to the concept of circular economy, ie. that it transforms waste into products containing a high volume of reusable raw materials for the industry to replace fossil resources (oil, natural gas). The effect of ERVOeco technology therefore does not generate any additional waste.

6. Economically profitable

The ERVOeco device is technologically simple and therefore cheap in terms of CAPEX, with very low OPEX and minimal operator requirements due to a high level of automation, which guarantees a quick return on investment - ranging between 36 and 60 months

  • Modular arrangement of ERVOeco units
  • For new owners, we have a confirmed collection of processed raw materials from waste
  • The technology line is designed to meet the strictest EU requirements for occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Maximum deviation from landfilling
  • Emission-free - does not pollute the environment with harmful emissions
  • Waste-free technology
  • Patented technology
  • Minimum service (2 people)
  • Continuous traffic
  • Low pressure and low temperature technology
  • Multicyclic technology - processing of organic matter through repeated cleavage (depolymerization) and synthesis (reforming). The depolymerization-reforming cycle is repeated cyclically many times and the result is a homogeneous raw material that can be used for example, in chemical and petrochemical production but also as a fuel for the production of electricity by cogeneration.
  • Continuous operation with quality assurance of output products - controlled process
  • A hermetically sealed space where thermal decomposition occurs without access to atmospheric oxygen has no effect on the surrounding environment
  • All products after depolymerization treatment are commercially valuable
  • We can process any organic material, plastics, tires, industrial sludge, oil and oil lagoons, waste from wastewater treatment plants.
  • Inorganic impurities are not an obstacle
  • Rework is maximally efficient and effective
  • Energy self-sufficiency in continuous operation
  • Local solutions for cities and regions or small and medium-sized businesses

About ERVOeco technology

It is an ecological technology that processes waste and has no analogues in the world. It is innovative and completely unique in the world. The automatic process of raw material recycling makes it possible to use the produced raw materials many times. No landfilling, incineration, flushing into the sea and much more. Processing with our advanced technology is a current solution and is not only a technological advantage, but a direct social necessity, as persistent waste is already not only an ecological but also a social problem worldwide. At the beginning of 2020, we first published information on the revolutionary ERVOeco technology, which can process unsorted municipal waste, as well as unsorted plastics, food scraps, medical waste (such as diapers, drapes, respirators), old clothes and carpets, household appliances, tires, but sludge from sewage treatment plants, industrial waste, plastics from car recycling, oil lagoons, waste wood, biowaste, and dozens of other types of waste, and to make raw materials reusable for the production of packaging, household appliances, plastics, or even baby diapers or tires. The unique technology brings used products back to life in an endless cycle.

ERVOeco technology waste recycling

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