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About us

We are an innovative company that has been actively involved in the field of the circular economy and green technologies since 2012. Our main vision is to create and offer comprehensive solutions for a sustainable future, primarily in the areas of waste processing and energy management.

Our main activity is the development, production, and sale of the depolymerization technology ERVOeco, whose main principle is the conversion of organic waste such as tires, wastewater sludge, or plastics into valuable and further usable outputs. This allows us to utilize waste as an alternative source of energy and resources in general, contributing to the protection of natural resources and the reduction of ecological impact.

We focus not only on the development of technologies but also on responsible handling of their outputs. One of our many goals is achieving energy self-sufficiency, and that's why we actively support the concept of Waste to Energy, through which our technology allows us to transform waste into useful energy. We are always ready to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to our customers that fully align with their requirements and capabilities. We can complete projects from technologies involving waste preparation, through the ERVOeco depolymerization unit itself, to subsequent solutions for managing the produced output components, such as their use in heat or electricity production.

Our ERVOeco technology is the result of long-term research and development, supported by numerous Czech scientists and representatives of domestic professional institutions. We take pride in the fact that our work benefits not only us but also future generations. We believe that through a responsible and ecologically-oriented approach, we can collectively create a better and greener world for all of us.

We thank you for joining us on this journey and for helping us build a green and sustainable future for our planet.

Company’s basic vision

To create innovative solutions for a sustainable future, especially in waste and energy management, and to contribute to the protection of natural resources and a reduction in environmental burdens.To proactively deliver solutions to become more responsible to society and the planet and to meet the brand new ESG rules.To contribute to energy self-sufficiency and promote the Waste to Energy concept.To find applications for our technologies globally and find economically attractive solutions in places that are not financially strong enough.To build a strong and stable society and gain influence on the planet’s environmental issues.

To develop technologies that serve the good of all.

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