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Waste to energy

Waste to Energy is an innovative concept that focuses on converting organic waste into much needed energy. This approach to waste management minimizes the unwanted impact of waste on the environment while providing a sustainable source of energy. The WtE concept is becoming increasingly important in the fight against global environmental problems such as climate change, the loss of natural resources and the increase in waste.

Main benefits of ERVOeco technology in the Waste to Energy concept

Waste reduction

Technologie umožňuje účinné zpracování organického odpadu, což vede ke snížení objemu odpadu a jeho nežádoucích dopadů na životní prostředí.

Production of useful raw materials

The technology generates gas, oil and carbon solids that can be used to produce energy, either thermal or electrical.


The technology can be used to generate electricity from organic waste.

Energy self-sufficiency

The technology promotes the concept of energy self-sufficiency by enabling own generation of electricity from organic waste. Depending on how it is produced, the amount of energy is several times greater than that required for its own operation.

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