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Why ERVOeco technology

It is a technology of the 21st century, which a Czech team of scientists has been developing since 2012. It corresponds to the concept of a circular economy, where the organic part of waste benefits from valuable and further usable raw materials in the form of oil, gas and carbonaceous solid residue. It thus brings used products back to life, in an endless cycle. It helps rid the planet of garbage and thus solves one of humanity's biggest problems. The technology has a future not only because it can recycle garbage, but mainly because it is ecological, economically profitable and without harmful emissions. It also contributes to global emission reductions.

Main benefits of ERVOeco technology

Production of useful raw materials

Depolymerization using an ERVOeco line enables the breakdown of organic waste into gases, oils and solid carbon residue, i.e. raw materials for subsequent production of fuels, energy or material for further industrial processing.

Waste to Energy

ERVOeco is an innovative technology in line with the “Waste to Energy” concept that transforms organic waste into useful energy. This reduces the burden on landfills and contributes to renewable energy.


ERVOeco is equipped with modern automated systems that ensure efficient and safe processing of organic waste. The need for human intervention is minimized and the entire process’ productivity is increased.

Energy self-sufficiency

ERVOeco promotes energy self-sufficiency by generating electricity during waste treatment. Local communities and industrial plants can use this technology to generate their own energy and reduce dependence on expensive external sources. The outputs from the technology can be used to produce more energy than is needed to operate it.

Emission reduction and carbon neutrality

ERVOeco contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions thanks to its organic impact as a renewable energy source. In this way, companies can achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Renewable energy

ERVOeco technology produces energy from renewable sources, as the organic waste it works with is a renewable material. As a result, ERVOeco helps diversify the energy mix and helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Turnkey solution

ERVOeco offers a complete turnkey solution for organic waste treatment that can be modular. From equipment delivery to operation and maintenance, all equipment functionalities are optimized for best results.

Service and consultation

LOGeco provides expert service and consultation for ERVOeco technology. Customers can count on training of their staff and technical support for the use of the technology correctly and to achieve optimum results.


ERVOeco technology is based on the principle of sustainability and responsible use of resources. It aims to minimize environmental impacts and promote the conservation of natural resources. The depolymerization process enables efficient recycling of organic waste, contributing to more sustainable waste management. This moves us from the traditional linear “make, use, throw away” model to a circular “make, use, recycle and reuse” model.

Waste reduction

And a solution to humanity’s global problem of “waste accumulation”: ERVOeco is an excellent tool for waste reduction. Depolymerization enables organic waste to be treated efficiently and its quantity minimized, leading to reduced disposal and landfill costs. It can be a solution not only in the Czech Republic, but also to a global problem of humanity, meaning the accumulation of waste on the planet.

Protecting the environment and meeting ESG

ERVOeco technology has a positive impact on the environment and the planet by reducing, in an effective and environmentally-friendly manner, the amount of waste stored and its negative impact on nature. It helps protect the environment for future generations. Companies using Ervoeco technology can truthfully say that they are environmentally responsible and contribute to meeting ESG rules.

About ERVOeco technology

Ervoeco is a unique, innovative catalytic depolymerization technology from LOGeco that is designed to process organic waste (tyres, rubber waste, sewage sludge, plastics, etc.) and convert it into useful raw materials in the form of gas, oil and carbon residue. Depolymerization is a process in which long organic polymers are thermally broken down into simpler molecules, allowing efficient use of organic residues and minimizing waste.

Depolymerization can be thought of as “taking apart a LEGO set”. Imagine that organic waste is like a complex building block, where the pieces are connected into long chains (polymers). These chains are difficult to process in their original state. Depolymerization then causes the individual chain pieces to separate through thermal reactions. This breaks long chains into simpler pieces (molecules), which are much easier to process and more useful for further use.

The principle of this technology is based on the thermal and chemical breakdown of organic substances using lower temperatures, the addition of specific catalysts, all without the presence of oxygen in a hermetically sealed environment. The result is a synthetic gas and oil, both of which can be used as feedstock or fuel, e.g. to generate electricity or thermal energy. In this way, ERVOeco technology breaks down complex organic materials into simpler primary raw materials such as gases, oils and solid carbon residue.

The environmental and circular economy benefits of ERVOeco technology are clear. Processing organic waste through depolymerization reduces the amount of waste and minimizes the negative impacts on the planet.

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