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As LOGeco, we are not only the creators of the innovative ERVOeco technology, but also its proud manufacturers and suppliers. As a part of our portfolio we offer various options for business partners. If you are interested in acquiring ERVOeco technology, we are ready to provide you with the necessary information and expert advice, so you can make the most of this sustainable technology in your project. We not only supply the ERVOeco technology itself, but also offer individual and comprehensive turnkey solutions for your specific waste treatment project. We are ready to work with you from the very beginning to final implementation and launch.

It doesn't end with the sale of technology

Our expert team will provide the service and advice you need to get the best results. We can help you prepare the material for processing, design appropriate processes and technologies and ensure that the raw materials produced are used as efficiently as possible and in full compliance with your requirements. With our ERVOeco depolymerization technology and our comprehensive solutions, you can achieve excellent energy efficiency, minimize unwanted waste and, in turn, maximize environmental protection. If you are interested in cooperation or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you realise your project and provide you with all the technological and business support you need.

Business case progress

1. Getting to know your intention

We will familiarize ourselves with your waste treatment plan and requirements, your idea of economic return, the technology’s location and all the administrative tasks for the operation of the technology and the timings for implementation.

2. Testing the processing of your material and analysing the outputs

We will do a test processing of a specific material. We will analyse the output data and ensure optimum processes.

3. Case studies

Based on the input data and other details, we will prepare a case study of the entire project, which will include input costs, operation of the technology and accompanying equipment and, based on testing and data, will optimize the technical and economic aspects of the entire project.

4. Business offer

We will prepare a business offer that takes into account the entire project and your requirements. The offer will include complete information about the technology and accompanying services to ensure the project’s successful implementation.

5. Production technology and delivery

Once the offer is approved, we start production. We will deliver and install the technology at the location in which it will be operated.

6. Installation of technology

Our expert team will ensure the technology’s installation, its preparation for operation and subsequent start-up.

7. Training of staff to operate the technology

We provide comprehensive staff training for operators. We educate them in technology handling, safety precautions and equipment maintenance.

8. Service, maintenance, consulting

Cooperation does not end with the delivery and installation of the technology. We are available for regular service and maintenance, as well as for the complete operation of your purchased technology.

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